When looking for a good watch, you need to make sure that what you are buying is original, correct? And not only that, you have to make sure that the watch you bought is what reflects your personality. If you are a noble and respected person, the best watch for you is the best watch in the world which is named the Rolex watch.


All though the Rolex watch is the best watch, you should also watch out for those fake once. Since the hype of the Rolex watch is pretty high right now, a lot of fake Rolex industries would like to take advantage of that kind of business. Since a lot of people are now looking for Rolex watches, these industries creating fake once are always emailing and sending messages to people about the price down of certain Rolex watches and only to know that they are actually fake.


You have to know that since the hype of the Rolex on Finance watch is high, a lot of fake Rolex watch industries are trying to capitalize on that opportunity. These fake Rolex watch industries will try everything to sell their fake Rolex watches, that is why you have to be vigilant in choosing your Rolex watch. Never buy a Rolex watch if you did not check the guide in knowing if the Rolex watch is fake or not. You will not like it if you spend a couple of hundred dollars for a fake Rolex watch.


You have to know that only authorized Rolex timepiece dealers can give out warranties, other than that, when you buy a Rolex timepiece and it has no warranty, chances are, it is fake. Watch to know more about watch.



Straight bands are the bands that original Rolex timepiece will have, kinked bands are fake. If the bracelet does not match the watch, it is obviously fake and you should now buy that one. Move on to the next sell my Rolex watch  dealer that you see. The bracelet is an important factor in determining whether the Rolex timepiece is fake or not. Be sure to pick up the watch that you think about buying, hold it over a soft surface and make sure the watch is facing down. Check for the links of the bracelet to be sure. Be sure that they are hanging nice and smooth, if they are kinked up, there is only one conclusion, be sure to choose a Rolex watch that is original and by following this guide, you surely can differentiate fake from real.